Creating active, exciting, immersive, safe and impactful experiences. 

Our guides and facilitators are highly qualified and capable in the roles they bring to our retreats and safaris. Whether guiding or facilitating, they bring their expertise with a passion for the African bush and for creating a positive, indelible immersion, and it shows. As with all professions, quality of delivery and thus the client experience is not equal.

With skills developed in diverse environments, our lead guides are adept to safely navigate the big 5 bushveld. They are fully qualified and have excellent communication skills, are able to offer continuity through your journey and bring a worldly maturity and solid sense of “grounding”. They are legally registered with the South African Department of Tourism and to ensure your peace of mind, hold current first aid as well as advanced rifle handling certificates.  

Our specialist facilitators, all respected experts in their fields, are each highly accomplished and appropriately qualified. Each one of them has an understanding of, and insight into the significant psychological and physiological benefits that are obtained from spending time in natural environments.

Together, we go the extra mile in achieving your objectives with care, personalized service and absolute professionalism. The slides below, give you an insight into this part of our team; You are in very good hands.

Your Lead Guides and Specialist Facilitators

We look forward to spending time with you, creating active, exciting, immersive, connective, safe and impactful experiences that will result in your eagerly planning your next adventure on your journey home.


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