What would I prefer?

Walking safaris are our passion and are highly recommended. You can though choose how you would prefer your experience to be created.  


We will do our best to help you transition from the observation platform of a safari viewing vehicle to actively encountering the African bush on foot with all your senses.   When walking we will increase our focus interpretation, the smaller things, ecological interactions, bushcraft and tracks.  Our philosophy is one of minimal impact and intrusion - We do not provoke responses and always aim to leave without disturbing the day of the animals we have been privileged to spend time with.

Your experience is active, exciting, immersive, participative and unique.

​Walking safari only.  

This is by far the purest way to explore wild places.  Shifting from the spectator platform of a vehicle to an active participant in the environment allows you to engage with nature at a completely different level.  You will  feel ALIVE as our senses heighten and attention increases.  ​

Although many operations offer walking safaris, we can confidently say that there are very few true specialists - When you experience this uniqueness with us you will know the difference.  

Driving and walking safari.

These safaris offer great flexibility, open more photographic opportunities and allow us to explore bigger areas.  This is a very popular option as it  provides the best of both worlds.

Typically we drive from camp into a chosen walking area in the cooler morning hours.  ​The afternoons will see us go out on game drive. These safaris allow us to have a morning coffee, and/ or watch sunsets with a sun downer in hand at beautiful spots we have driven to.

Walking is truly immersive, it shifts you from spectator to participant.

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