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The Magic

ReBoot ● ReWild ● ReInspire ● ReConnect ● ReEnergize

Dr Ken Jennings and Lutz Otto, have repeatedly seen how time in nature can positively change, enrich and have a profound impact on lives. Through a series of discussions, sharing of experiences and a rich integration of perspectives, they explore what happens when nature, ecology, adventure and psychology meet.

Episode 1 set the platform for the series. Here they talk through "The Magic":

🔹 As we relax and open our hearts "the magic" happens.

🔹 High level definition and the inter-connected [intrinsic and extrinsic] components of "the magic".

🔹 It is not an absolute and does not happen for everyone.

🔹 Everyone is touched by nature.

🔹 The challenge of trying to ensure, constructing or forcing an experience often results in disappointment and irritability.

🔹 It arrives unexpectedly whilst in the present moment.

🔹 Two become one in a moment of connection.

🔹 When we feel "the magic", we often don't want to leave.

If you have a love nature, ecology and psychology you will enjoy this. Don’t forget to add any thoughts or comments in the boxes below and if you enjoyed the chat please share and like.

🐾🐾Dr Ken Jennings is an internationally respected psychologist, executive coach, lover of wilderness and nature photographer. 🌐

🐾 Lutz Otto is a specialist wilderness and walking safari guide, adventurer, wilderness conservationist and business consultant. 🌐


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