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Welcome to the Inner Adventure. A series where Dr Ken Jennings and Lutz Otto, come together to explore, in a rich integration of perspectives, learning's and stories what happens when nature, ecology, adventure and psychology meet.

The two have repeatedly seen how time in nature can positively change, enrich and have a profound impact on lives. In this episode we work through "Expectation" with special guest Grant Hine. We talk to:

🦋 Expectations, resistances and mindset when entering into nature

🦋 Pre-conceived ideas, formed through conditioning, set the platform for expectation

🦋 How we express ourselves, either consciously or sub-consciously, in our relationship [connective and ecological relationship] with nature [the ecological self]. The ecological self is today repressed in the sub conscious of many humans.

🦋 The difference of arriving with curiosity, an open heart, open mind, open will and a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset. Pre-conceived ideas create pressure for all parties.

🦋 Nature reveals itself in its own time and in its own way. Pre-conceived ideas stifle, or slow, the connection between nature and man.

🦋 Good guiding allows us to our re-establish connective relationship with nature [versus simply regurgitating facts relating to the environment].

🦋 The difference between arriving with intention versus arriving with expectation.

🦋 Nature cannot be expected to perform for us because we have paid to come on safari. Natural processes, and nature, reveals itself not according to an agenda but in its own way.

🦋 Undertaking a human "inner-world-check-in" and "check-out" versus only focusing on the external environment around us.

🦋 We all perceive nature, as with all that unfolds around us, differently. Regardless of how a client perceives their reality, quality guiding can change perspectives and life philosophies.

🦋 When we enter natural environments without expectation and an open heart, we give ourselves the greatest chance of internal transformation.

🐾 Grant Hine has a Masters degree in Psychology, is the founder of "Zen Guiding", the author a number of books and has spent +30 years involved with the nature guiding industry.

🐾 Dr Ken Jennings is an internationally respected psychologist, executive coach, lover of wilderness and nature photographer. 🌐

🐾 Lutz Otto is a specialist wilderness and walking safari guide, adventurer, conservationist and business consultant. 🌐


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