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Success and Failure

ReBoot ● ReWild ● ReInspire ● ReConnect ● ReEnergize

Welcome to the Inner Adventure. A series where Dr Ken Jennings and Lutz Otto, come together to explore, in a rich integration of perspectives, learning's and stories what happens when nature, ecology, adventure and psychology meet. The two have repeatedly seen how time in nature can positively change, enrich and have a profound impact on lives. In this episode they work through "Success and Failure", talking to:

🦋 Performance, measurement, competition and linear thinking.

🦋 The search for a success formula.

🦋 Fear of failure and disappointment.

🦋 Language and terminology: Humans communication versus nature.

🦋 Slice success versus holistic success.

🦋 Balanced ecosystems and process complexity.

🦋 The stories we tell our self.

🦋 Are we willing to do the hard work.

🦋 Resource competition

🦋 The eagle, the squirrel and the tree are equally important.

🦋 Dealing with internal and external pressure.

🦋 Am I good enough?

🦋 The need to know everything

🦋 The importance of clear and bi-directional communication.

🦋 Self created conflicts: Expectation versus reality.

🦋 It is what we do with failure.

🦋 Critical failures in the human context.

🦋 Risk management.

🦋 Nature just is.

🦋 Respectfully engage with ourselves and the environment

🦋 Leave wiser.

🐾 Dr Ken Jennings is an internationally respected psychologist, executive coach, lover of wilderness and nature photographer. 🌐

🐾 Lutz Otto is a specialist wilderness and walking safari guide, adventurer, wilderness conservationist and business consultant. 🌐


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