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Resilience & Resolve 1 - Preparing For An Adventure

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Dr Ken Jennings and Lutz Otto have repeatedly seen how time in nature can positively change, enrich and have a profound impact on lives. Through a series of discussions, sharing of experiences and a rich integration of perspectives, they explore what happens when nature, ecology, adventure and psychology meet.

Episode 1 set the platform for the series . In this episode we work through resolve and resilience in the context of the unfolding adventure. We talk through:

🔹 Not all safari experiences develop resolve and resilience

🔹 Build mental resilience and confidence prior your adventure through research, physical and psychological preparation

🔹 Experiences are compromised when we under estimate the experience and over estimate our skills [Kruger-Dunning Effect]

🔹 Experiences can be tough or they can also be easy and fun. Once you have undertaken the preparation, prepare a mindset that is playful, curious and relaxed

🔹 Poor mental, physical and equipment preparation, or arriving with the wrong set of expectations [see above], results in feeling sorry-for-self and seeking blame. In life's journey the latter mindsets erode resilience, and take away out ability to be optimistic in any struggle

🔹 When we open our hearts and minds, nature experiences afford us an incredible opportunity for positive internal growth

🔹 Scenario planning is an important aspect of preparation. Then let go of the outcome, as when we expect something, something else plays out

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🐾 Dr Ken Jennings is an internationally respected psychologist, executive coach, lover of wilderness and nature photographer. 🌐

🐾 Lutz Otto is a specialist wilderness and walking safari guide, adventurer, wilderness conservationist and business consultant. 🌐


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