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Night Watch

ReBoot ● ReWild ● ReInspire ● ReConnect ● ReEnergize

Dr Ken Jennings and Lutz Otto have repeatedly seen how time in nature can positively change, enrich and have a profound impact on lives. Through a series of discussions, sharing of experiences and a rich integration of perspectives, they explore what happens when nature, ecology, adventure and psychology meet.

Episode 1 set the platform for the series . In this episode we work through the parallels between night watch on our wilderness safaris and differing psychological states. We talk through:

🦋 Creating the context of sleeping under the stars in a an area home to Africa's Big 5

🦋 Vulnerable and connected experiences

🦋 We should not fear, fear

🦋 Shadow [Carl Jung], spirit, soul and trust

🦋 Darkness activates different sets of emotions including fear

🦋 Within each of our unique psychologies, consciously or unconsciously, we have parts which we like and parts which we dislike. Healing requires us to love all parts of who we are

🦋 The busy, and restless mind, versus feeling calm, peace, awe, trust and connectedness

🦋 Shifting from fear and fantasy, to positive and calm introspection

🦋 Paradigm shifts and new thinking, that we positively carry through life

🦋 Therapeutic processes encounter repressed or unconscious emotions, in a vulnerable way that results in healing, transformation, self confidence and new strength

🦋 Embracing all parts of who we are. Developing both female and male energies in an integrated way within ourselves

🦋 Safe spaces in dark places. Working through our shadow is a life long process

🦋 Awe, thankfulness, gratefulness, humbleness and respect

🦋 Night watch is a deeply impactful activity that everyone should go through

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🐾 Dr Ken Jennings is an internationally respected psychologist, executive coach, lover of wilderness and nature photographer. 🌐

🐾 Lutz Otto is a specialist wilderness and walking safari guide, adventurer, wilderness conservationist and business consultant. 🌐


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