Sometimes You Have To Leave It All Behind To Find Yourself.


Modern life is tough. Filled with stress and anxieties that can be overwhelming. Low self Esteem and imposter syndrome can erode both your self-confidence and happiness. But there is a solution. A way of being in the world that is calmer, more joyful and more connected. It’s called Mindfulness, and now you can immerse yourself deeply into this ancient, lifechanging Practice in a unique five-day retreat in pristine bushveld.


What is it?


A guided hike safari in a Big Five wildlife reserve led by thoroughly professional rangers with mindfulness sessions run by leading experts in the field. This unique blend of proximity to nature and deep, soul-searching teachings all adds up to an experience you will never forget. This is our premium mindfulness product and the combination of the experience, the practices and facilitation is absolutely world class.

What will my days be like?


Days will start with a compelling mindfulness practice before a hike to a new campsite in the coolness of morning. Then more mindfulness sessions including Awakening Awareness, Coping with Anxiety and Stress, Altering Perceptions, Balancing Body and Mind, and Aversion and Attachment. There will also be sunsets, campfires and laughter.


How will it change me?


Our Mindfulness Practices are led by qualified professionals and designed to arm you with powerful tools to help you, not only cope with life’s stresses, but increase your sense of joy, vitality and contentment. What we at Spirited Adventures have done is marry these teachings to the profound effects of being surrounded by raw nature and wildlife. This melding of mindfulness and safari hikes is a potent combination that has proven truly life-changing for many of our clients.


How do I sign up?


It couldn’t be simpler. Contact us by clicking one of the linked dates on the right and then make sure you arrive with intention, curiosity and an open heart. It could be the start of the next phase of your life.

"Wild places have an incredible power to inspire, influence and help shape who we continue to become. Much like the principle of the “the mirror and a glass”, their energy allows us to reflect on the memory of our journey and the vision of where we want to go, and why" Lutz Otto



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