Hungry For Change? Seeking New Meaning? We’ve Got You Covered.

We all reach points in life when we know change is needed. These are times when we could deeply benefit from guidance; possibly an opportunity to step out of our lives and have the luxury of a time of learning and introspection; remembering how to trust ourselves again. Now imagine being able to do all of this against the backdrop of a five-day hiking safari in true Big 5 country. This is our "Walk Your Why" Safari Experience.

What is it?


A five-day guided safari hike designed as an immersive and transformative journey. The deeply experienced team will make sure this program gives you exactly the right blend of adventure, physical challenge and spiritual and mental stimulation. Clinical psychologist Brett Pepper will be equipping you with the insight and tools to make more conscious choices and increase your sense of freedom and confidence, while a specialist wilderness guide will add lessons about wildlife, conservation and bushcraft.


What will my days be like?


Each day will start early with a hike to a new campsite in the coolness of morning. Group sessions with Brett will provide deep and powerful insights into your life journey. You will spend one of the nights sleeping outdoors under the magnificent canopy of the southern stars. We can promise you this is an excellent way to find both wonder and perspective.

How will it change me?


The benefits of being in nature have been widely studied and are many. Now add to these the additional benefits of working with a clinical psychologist to make progress on your journey to self-mastery. You will come back more confident and relaxed, with a deeper understanding of where you are in your journey and, possibly, what comes next for you.

How do I sign up?


It couldn’t be simpler. Contact us by clicking one of the linked dates on the right and then make sure you arrive with intention, curiosity and an open heart. We know you will be so glad you did.

"Wild places have an incredible power to inspire, influence and help shape who we continue to become. Much like the principle of the “the mirror and a glass”, their energy allows us to reflect on the memory of our journey and the vision of where we want to go, and why" Lutz Otto



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Photo Credit: Fatima Newman