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Limited period.


Would you like to join the exclusive group of people who can say that they have backpacked in an area freely inhabited by elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard and all the other species found in South Africa's Greater Kruger National Park?

There is NO BETTER WAY to experience wilderness and reconnect with nature than on a walking safari.  This is a BUCKET LIST ADVENTURE par-excellence and an absolute once in a lifetime MUST DO.

For a LIMITED PERIOD, if you book a full trail with 8 participants, you will get the one place FREE.

Get a group of friends, or family, together for an adventure you will wish you had joined sooner.


  • A digital detox comes FREE of charge

  • Each trail is led by two qualified, legally registered and highly experienced guides. You will LEARN ABOUT THE BUSH like never before. Your SAFETY is our paramount concern.

* Standard terms and conditions apply.  Only full group payments are accepted.

For more information, email

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