Transformative Bushveld Experiences

These safaris focus on personal transformation, or Re-Creation versus recreation. Our clients intentionally join these retreats with objectives that include catalyzing change, working past a cross-roads, re-energizing or stimulating personal growth. 


We partner with respected industry experts to focus on mental fitness, positive psychology, mindfulness, stretching existing boundaries and inspiring new thinking.

Through the process, you will engage your body, mind and spirit at a level that is only possible, when facilitated by professionals, on foot and this close to nature. The blending of that delivered by highly experienced subject matter experts, the safari experience, the group and the scientific, as well as spiritual, benefits to be gained from time in natural environments, guarantees that these investments are deeply impactful. 

Our reputation.

We have a reputation for delivering quality and on what we promise. The team involved in these retreats have the associated credibility and have all worked through deep personal processes. We are clear in our position that we aim to inspire change that lasts beyond the retreat, and that these experiences are neither based in pop psychology, dogma or unsupported philosophy. We focus on depth and not breadth.

Through the journey you will begin paying attention to, and noticing, new information, on a number of levels. Your new found awareness see's you thinking and behaving differently, and this often results in a shift in consciousness, that if acted upon, results in transformation.  

You will join these retreats with an objective, but can be assured that you will leave with so much more.

Evidenced in validated research, across the globe, time in wild places:

  • energizes and increases happiness.

  • improves attention span, reasoning ability and memory.

  • inspires creativity and new thinking.

  • decreases levels of depression and/ or rumination.

  • positively influences calmness and introspection.

  • improves our ability to authentically connect with others.

  • re-establishes our acceptance of the inter-connectedness of all life. 

  • creates or evolves transferable hard and soft skills.

  • and the list continues.

Are you excited by the above? Then you will enjoy reading and watching these:

"Wild places have an incredible power to inspire, influence and help shape who we continue to become. Much like the principle of the “the mirror and a glass”, their energy allows us to reflect on the memory of our journey and the vision of where we want to go, and why" Lutz Otto


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