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Conservation: How Poachers Set Snares

All have walked with us know that we are conservationists at heart. As part of an education process we decided to cut a video that shows how snares, or wire traps, are set and how they capture animals. The snares are laid by poachers to illegally and indiscriminately kill animals, via a horrible death, for either their own purposes or for the bush meat trade.

This video was captured whilst undertaking anti-poaching work. This is a real snare set by a real poacher - One of many found on a single day. Through the years this team has taken out literally thousands of snares, consequently saving the lives of the African wildlife that we come to see on safari. We have found animals, big and small, across all species, mostly dead, but sometimes alive and suffering in snares.

Although we could have, we have purposely, out of respect to both the animal and our followers, not shown dead animals. What we see in this video, is not unique to particular areas, it happens at reserves through Africa and is largely driven by habitat encroachment and poor socio-economics.

Spending time on a safari is not just an investment into amazing experiences in stunning wildlife areas but also a critical conservation tool. Walking safaris, in particular, put feet on the ground - As we walk in areas that safari vehicles seldom go, or are not able to go to, we create a presence and can make a difference to the sustainability of an area on many levels.


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