Your safari is about you.

It is authentic, connoisseur, active, exciting and tailor made to suit your need.  Whether your preference is simple sophistication or unpretentious luxury, we know that you will love these safaris.


Your time is valuable and you value exclusivity.  

You want experience, lodging, wilderness and guide exclusivity.  You love adventure BUT you would prefer not to rough it when you get back to camp.  Whether your group comprises two or eight, you want it to only be made up of the people you have chosen to be with.  

You would like to enjoy your sun-downers somewhere beautiful and not be bound by camp closing times.  You do not want to constantly see other vehicles.  When you return from your morning walk with your private guide, to your private game viewer, you want to enjoy a good cup of filter coffee right there. 

We will avoid busy camps, wildlife sightings surrounded with many vehicles, tarred roads that do not show tracks and commercial spaces. We will not chase between animal sighting using radios to locate them. ​

Professionalism and quality are not negotiable.


All safari operators are not the same. The customization, the personalization, the high quality of guiding standard, the freedom you will experience whilst with us and ultimately the value you receive, uniquely differentiates us.  


Whether you go on safari once a year, or whether this is a once in a lifetime experience, we are confident that we will deliver.  You will arrive with a set of expectations - We will aim to meet those, but we are sure that you will leave with much more. 

So where will you be?

Your experience will unfold in either the magnificent and incredibly beautiful Greater Kruger National Park or in the big game areas of the surrounding Savanna.

We are privileged to have long established relationships with the owners of the properties, reserves, concessionaires and lodges, from which we will facilitate your dream safari to reality. 

Walking is truly immersive, it shifts you from spectator to participant.

walking safari, safari, adventure
walking safari, safari, adventure
walking safari, safari, adventure


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