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Updated: Apr 27, 2020

September 2019

Hello Adventurers, Wilderness and Wildlife Lovers,

The very best safari greetings to you. Five months have passed since our last newsletter and we have officially leaped from Autumn to Spring! We hope that the time has been good to you and that you have spent some quality days in the bush.

"On our late afternoon walk we found the tracks of a single male lion. It was late though and we decided to focus our energies differently. Then, at about four in the morning, we heard him roaring. Most of the group did not sleep whilst they listened. First the roars were to the west of us and then he slowly moved south east. At first light we clambered out of our tents and quickly hatched a plan. First we had to locate the lion tracks, we did so after about 1.5 kilometers, and then we would start working the trail. Around two and half hours later we found the lion – We were greeted by a short growl and then he was gone.”

We believe that there is much truth in the quote. “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” In a tough sales market, we have been blessed with bookings including a number of repeat clients. We are deeply thankful for your entrusting us in making-you-richer.

So what has been going on?

We are super proud to have featured in the travel section of THE SUNDAY TIMES. Hlengiwe Magagula wrote of her experience on one of our backpacking safaris co-guided by Colin Patrick and Lutz Otto. Hlengiwe a contributor to among others The-Sunday-Times, High-Life, Wild and Travel-Africa. Read the article here.

Our Bush Babes series of backpacking safaris, booked out early in 2019, have been awesome. These deeply immersive, active and exciting “no-trace” experiences are very unlike your average safari. The women who have joined these hikes are adventurous and want more from life – They have given new meaning to the words “seize the day” - Ladies you are inspirational, the world needs more people like you.

Walking safaris have a rich history of influencing lives positively. Saint Johns College, founded in 1898, is a school that has a long history of creating opportunities for their boys to spend time in the African bush. We were very excited to have the opportunity to take a group of British exchange students on their first walking safari. After the trip we were blown away to receive four beautiful handwritten letters of thanks. THANK YOU for choosing us.

In July we were honored to guide our first ever clients from Iceland and Poland. The group who were here for an Amnesty International conference, decided that they wanted to go on safari. Most people choose a vehicle safari for their first trip - These adventurous ladies jumped four steps ahead and choose a backpacking safari 😊. Walking is absolutely the best way to experience the African bush; You from the spectator platform of a vehicle to an active participant, and this allows you to engage with nature at a completely different level. We had an amazing trip.

This year a number of our clients decided to include sleep outs [known as bivvying] to their trips. The exciting combination of big star lit night skies, hyenas calling in the background and no infrastructure, makes sleeping under the stars, whilst with highly experienced trails guides, an absolute must for any adventurer. If you are excited by experiences like these, contact us.

No tent and a stunning sunrise

Most people who come on trail with us, fast realize that we have a genuine passion for wildlife and habitat conservation. Your spending time on trail is not just an investment into amazing experiences but also a critical conservation tool. As we walk in areas that safari vehicles never go, or are not able to go, we are a set of eyes and ears where poachers would otherwise be able to get away with murder; literally. The more we walk, the more we give wildlife a chance to live.

Although a criminal offence, the entire Kruger Park region is finding an increase of snaring. Snaring is horrendously cruel and completely indiscriminate - Any animal that gets caught is either killed or maimed. Our clients have helped us take out 93 snares this year – We are super proud of you. THANK YOU for choosing to make a difference. Do you want to make a difference whilst doing something you will love? Contact us.

A good safari starts with good planning and preparation. When you chose to go on a backpacking safari, this becomes even more important. With over three decades of backpacking experience we can really help. This season we ran three highly informative and interactive presentations to assist our clients prepare. Very well received, we can absolutely see the difference between our clients who have joined them and those who have not. When we announce the next one, make sure you join. On the topic of preparation, you will find safari FAQ’s very helpful.

Within our offer we include both mobile and fly-camp walking safaris. These camps are specifically built for you. Whilst maintaining some of the comforts we find in permanent safari camp, these adventures bring you incredibly close to nature Wild and remote they offer a full digital detox - Saying this, after a good days walking, you return to a nice cold drink and meal prepared by a cook. These are epic experiences for our rugged adventures. We are super excited for the Smith and Stead families who we will be hosting a few days time in the Timbavati. Find out more here.

Timbavati mobile camp built especially for you

Our "working safely in Africa’s big game areas" workshops with members of the Elephants, Rhinos & People NGO volunteer ranger teams were a great success. The multi-day workshops combined theoretical as well as experience/ practical components. The legends in this photo were lucky to have on foot encounters with a number of white rhino and one black rhino. May your commitment to the journey continue and your work be hugely impactful Interested? Find out more here.

Learning about rhino tracks

On the topic of skills development; Did you know that we assist businesses accelerate growth through facilitating a platform for improved team performance? In an age of increased disruption, exponential change and innovation, we assist teams to work more efficiently and help them shift from linear to systematic and eco-systematic thinking. This is an investment, not a cheap team build. Our delivery team includes Connectivity Consulting in the UK and Eye On Risk in Australia. Interested? Find out more here.

With similar philosophies with regards wilderness, conservation, guiding and ethics, our collaboration with the Lowveld-Trails-Company is continuing to grow. In the next couple of days, Lutz will again be facilitating a leg of the outstanding 28-day workshop for trails guides. We love our inclusion in these workshops – They are an incredible opportunity for candidate guides to upskill in the mentorship of highly experienced wilderness guides. Interested? Find out more here.

We love what we do. It helps though to know that we are on track 🐾🐾,and the best way to know this, is through client endorsement.

This review on Facebook from Björg María Oddsdóttir has truly inspired us Our walking safari with Spirited Adventures was nothing short of transformational. Our guides deep knowledge, admiration and respect for nature, the animals and the ecology of the area was truly inspirational. The route and the scenery along the way was just incredible, the campsites along the river were as something from a movie set and the feeling of remoteness made the whole experience even more intense. Throughout our preparation process we knew we were in very capable hands. I truly cannot recommend a walking safari with Spirited Adventures enough for anyone seeking a truly immersive experience in the South African wilderness."

We are already taking bookings for 2020. It might sound crazy, but if you are thinking about a safari for next year, let’s start talking. This year we have had to sadly had to turn down a number of clients due to availability. Whether you are a discerning or rugged adventurer, common to both is our absolute commitment to creating authentic, exciting, active and immersive experiences that will result in your already planning your next trip on your journey home.

Walking safaris never leave us; They change something within everyone who chooses to make the journey, what we learn on trail we can apply in our lives and the memories are fondly imprinted forever. We look forward to sharing our office with you.

Wishing you the very best safari regards and until we next meet!

Lutz Otto

Professional Trails, Field & Wilderness Guide ● Founding Director

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