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Updated: Apr 27, 2020

May 2015

Hello Adventurers, Wilderness and Wildlife Lovers,

Warmest safari greetings and welcome to our latest newsletter. The autumn hues on the trees in both the Greater Kruger National Park and Dinokeng are absolutely stunning. The mopane leaves are slowly turning golden brown and the buffalo are congregating in some areas. The winter safari season is underway and it is a privilege to be able to work with some fantastic clients.

This short newsletter focuses on our recent digital updates, our Spirited Adventures t-shirts travelling around the world, a stunning article written by one of our trail participants, our latest special offer, what we have been doing in the skills development space, our collaboration with the Lowveld Trails Co, the FGASA SKS DG shooting assessment and wilderness conservation. Hopefully some enjoyable and light reading.

Getting to understand social media, the underpinning technology and culture has been a learning curve for our small business. The same holds true for the fast-changing web space. Saying this we are SUPER STOKED to say that our website is now mobile friendly [still needs a little fine tuning] and our active Facebook following is growing weekly. Next project is to understand Instagram 😊. A HUGE THANK YOU for your support! We hope that the regular updates provide you with a nice mix of entertainment and information.

We have been uploading some great pictures on Facebook of our T-Shirts proudly been worn around the world. We cannot believe that we are about to order our third batch 😊. Locally PostNet-to-PostNet has been working very well. After some investigation we have decided to hold off on international shipments for now – Shipping and tax costs are a limiter – Put differently, this is an excellent excuse to book a safari.

This past week Erica Davies sent me a beautiful and descriptive piece of writing titled "Another Way Of Walking". It speaks to her experience of walking our Greater Kruger backpacking trail. An extract reads, "We are not disturbed during our first night, although we did hear a hyena calling close by. After a 5am start, we move a little inland from the river again, and encounter one of the large termite mounds which dot the mopane veld. All around the spike of baked earth are elephant tracks". Read the full article in our blog.

If you have not been on one of our backpacking trails you are missing out - This is an absolute once in a lifetime MUST DO. Remember we are running a great LIMITED PERIOD special, that if you book a full trail with 8 participants, you will get the one place FREE [plus a FREE digital detox 😊]. For more information, please respond to this email or click here.

If you are super keen to go on safari, BUT would prefer a less wild option, remember that we offer incredible walking and game viewer combination safaris from camps [rustic and luxury] in the Greater Kruger National Park. For more information, please contact us.

The building of skillsets and mentorship forms an important second tier to our business - Besides a passion for wildlife and wild places, we love helping people and teams people grow. We:

  • Are super honored to be assisting the Lowveld Trails Co. for a part of their new industry leading workshop for helping qualified Back-Up Trails Guides in their journey of completing their full lead trails guide qualification. The process is set to run over 28 days in 4 stunning areas in the Greater Kruger National Park. This is an EPIC opportunity to spend time learning with a group of passionate wilderness trails guides. There are still 4 spaces left, at the 4 different venues, to hop-on-and-off as a trail participant or as a guide building mentored hours. I will be leading the backpack trail from 21 to 25 September 2018. For more information [and stunning PDF], please email us.

  • We have completed a second workshop with the volunteer rangers from the Elephants, Rhino, People NGO. Spirited Adventures offered a combination of theoretical and practical training to a super engaged and awesome team. This two-staged process received fantastic feedback from the attendees. ERP focus on the conservation of at-risk Elephant and Rhino, whilst enabling economic upliftment of the People adjacent the areas inhabited by these species. With my passion for conservation, this project just aligns wonderfully.

  • Our workshop focussed on viewing potential dangerous animals is highly informative and receives really good review. It contains a balanced combination of theory, pictures and video that is presented in manner that can be practically applied. It is built on a platform of real walking experience in wild places. If you are keen to find out more, please respond to this email.

  • On a different note, the end of April I completed the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa SKS DG [Specialist Knowledge & Skills: Dangerous Game] shooting phase assessment [the next phase is the bush phase assessment]. It is rare to get the opportunity, and a privilege to spend time with so many talented, passionate and like-minded people. Skill sets, experience, knowledge, resilience and equipment are truly tested as you work through a total of 10-time based exercises of increasing difficulty. The comradery amongst the group was nothing short of humbling. Read more about the journey here.

  • The Kaizen philosophy of CI or continuous-improvement forms part of the Spirited Adventures ethos. Our growth is important to give you the very best possible safari experience. Although not yet at this stage of qualification, Chris Prinsloo, chose to attend this shoot as part of his ongoing development. The quality of guide you choose to work, hugely influences the quality of your experience. For the first-time safari client, it is difficult to determine the quality of guiding standards without a previous benchmark, however as with all professions, all guides and guided experiences are not equal.

A couple of weeks back Ryan Jack [a great guy and the Head Guide at Royal Malewane in the Greater Kruger National Park] and I were talking about wilderness conservation. Safaris, and eco-tourism, are not just about spending time in wild places, they are a fundamental conservation tool [when applying the IUCN principles of sustainable utilization]. It is important to check that some of the benefit from your trip translates to the protection of wildlife habitat and local community upliftment.

Ryan and I have both noticed an increase in the number of people who are not only interested in the wildlife experience BUT the full wilderness experience [different to the chaos that we see around sightings in the Serengeti, or even in parts of the southern Kruger National Park]. Habitat fragmentation and encroachment have resulted in us losing 15% of Africa’s wilderness in the last 20 years. In holistic conservation terms, this conscious shift to wanting the full wilderness-experience is critical – By going on safari you are not only treating yourself to something special BUT helping preserve that which we love for future generations - And in this lies the heart of responsible eco-tourism.

Find references, guide profiles and business information @ www.spiritedadventures.co.za

Hopefully we will see you on safari soon. Until next time, all the very best!

Lutz Otto

Professional Trails, Field & Wilderness Guide ● Founding Director


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