Rediscover Yourself On A Sublime Bushveld Sisterhood Retreat.


Welcome to five days of uninterrupted digital detox while hiking, camping and spending time in guided meditations and mindfulness practices in the Greater Kruger National Park. Not only do mediation and the serene Bushveld combine beautifully, but it’s also a beautiful opportunity to make new friendships.


What is it?


This women-only hike safari and meditation retreat is led by thoroughly professional and carefully selected guides. As you push your body with the hiking, the meditation will lead you to a place of calm and happiness and that will stay with you long after you return.


What will my days be like?


Days will start early with meditation and then a hike to a new campsite in the coolness of morning. Walking through the African bush is the most exciting way to see nature and wildlife on its own terms. You will be gently guided through a variety of daily meditation practices by insightful and experienced experts in the field.


How will it change me?


Being close to nature has a host of physical and emotional benefits. On top of that, the benefits of meditation are well documented. Ideal for reintroducing balance, calming anxiety and stress and contributing to your physical wellbeing.


How do I sign up?


It couldn’t be simpler. Contact us by clicking one of the linked dates on the right and then make sure you arrive ready for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. We know you will be so glad you did.

"Wild places have an incredible power to inspire, influence and help shape who we continue to become. Much like the principle of the “the mirror and a glass”, their energy allows us to reflect on the memory of our journey and the vision of where we want to go, and why" Lutz Otto



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